Monday, August 22, 2022

2022 Clinical Drug Study - Visit 2


This drug study had a bit of a hiccup when we recieved the following email from Dr H.

I'm reaching out to let you know there has been a change with the Heartworm clinical study. At a different site they have had a quality control issue that has jeopardized the integrity of the study and therefore, raised question with the efficacy of some of those IVP products that were administered. Consequently, the study is being terminated earlier than expected. What this means for you......your pet got IVP (the drug being studied in the clinical trial). We will continue to monitor with monthly phone calls until we reach the day 240 mark. At that point, we will collect lab samples and remove your dog from the study. In the meantime, the sponsor of the drug, CEVA Animal Health, wants to make sure all dogs are protected regardless of what site they were enrolled at and is having all sites dispense 6 months of Heartworm prevention at no cost to you.  This will in no way, cause an issue or be contraindicated seeing as how your pet already got a 6 month topical applied.
All I need is for you to respond with a day in the next 7-14 days that you can come by the clinic and pick up the prevention and collect the new forms from me for your binder with the new information that you will be transcribing monthly.
So sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me."

So we made an appointment for Friday August 12th.  In the waiting room I met an adorable Husky girl.  With permission we got to sniff noses.  Oh she was so sweet.  

So the study has been altered.  There was paperwork to sign.

 New binder stuffs to learn about.

And we were dispensed 6 months of Sentinel. We have to record any reactions when taking this medication as well.

Momma pupdated the doggie book for me while she was at work.  

I will still have visits but no more topical HWP.  And the study will end sooner.  


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