Monday, August 1, 2022

2022 K9 Influenza Vaccine Study - Visit 2


June 28th momma got the text for the 2nd visit for the drug study with Dr. Roulliard.  

When she arrived home from work she asked if we wanted to go bye bye.  We were a flurry with excitement. 

She conveniently forgot to mention it was a vet appointment.  

I was nervous.

But Lucy was cool as a cucumber as usual.

We told the Dogtor we had experienced no reaction to the vaccine, turned in our sheets for the first half of the trial and received our second dose.  Easy Peasy.  I just don't like being handled by strangers.  Notice the absence of my tail.  BOL

Once finished we loaded up in the Soul and headed fur home.

May squirrels, dogs and walkers were spotted and promptly borked.  The city remains safe from threat. 

Upon arriving home Lucy passed out from all the excitement.


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