Monday, August 22, 2022

Mommas Been Acting Weird

Yep Mommas Been Acting Weird.  She talks alot on the phone to different people all night long.  Its furry strange.  She has also been "video chatting" with one person.  Super strange.  I tried to stop her by sitting between her face and the phone but it didn't work. Would you believe she told me to move...and said she had more important things to do.  RUDE! 

A couple weekends ago she left us home all alone on a Sunday evening to go to someones house for a "date".  

She came back talking about a meeting a "friend" named NB and giggling about a comedy special they watched that featured puppets.

Momma this odd behavior has to stop.  Weekends are for LUPOP.  Not for dating.

The following weekend she was planning on going to NBs house again and we put our paws down.  We demanded to go to Gracies.  After some tears and finger nibbles Momma agreed it wasn't fair to leave us home alone 2 weekends in a row.  We had a blast playing with Gracie and getting loved on by Doggy Nanny.

Upon return to pick us up momma came clean Doggy Nanny and us that she had been talking to some guys in the hopes of dating.  We really don't understand what this "dating" is or what the point is but we all agreed if momma needs to go out we always come to Doggy Nanny's house.  Momma said it felt good coming clean.  



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