Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Allergies Are NO Fun!

For the last few weeks mommas been noticing my eyes were a bit red and I was itchy.  So she started me on benedryl...ya know the pill kind that makes me gag!  Well it seems she was crushing it up and putting it in people food trying to trick me.  Well I wised up and that ain't happening anymore.  So she decided to get me some liquid benedryl that I can't cough up.

 While we waited for our target order to be brought out this happened.

I was really really itchy!

I rode home like this.

and this.

When we arrived home I didn't scream and pester momma to get out quicker.  I just sat there. 

Alright lets get inside.

She said it was bubble gum flavored and should taste good.  She was wrong it still tastes like medicine. 
However it didn't gag me like the pills so theres that.  My allergies did get better however each time I went outside or we went for a ride in the car I got an attack and my eyes went really red again and I even cried.  Momma stopped the liquid benedryl and put me on the rx allergy meds from last year and that really did the trick.  So far I haven't had another big attack. 


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