Thursday, March 26, 2020

It's Corona Time - Panic Buying

Late last week I found that we was running out of a lot of the doggie supplies.  Kibble, bacon treats, training treats and bully sticks.  No big deal.

I added 'em all to mommas shopping list.  Then disaster struck.  The 1st walmart grocery order stated beggin strips were out of stock and we could only get a limited quantity of training treats.  Strange!  So we tried the other walmart in town....out of stock on both.  What!  With the local stores out we ordered online at Petco and would you seriously believe they were listed as back ordered!  OH MY DOG!

Next we pulled up the Target app.  They showed Beggin strips in stock so we placed a mobile order and waited to see if they were in fact in stock.  Finally we got the confirmation email that they were in stock!!!!!  Our order was processed and ready to be picked up.  Oh JOY! And a 3rd and final order from Walmart Grocery Pick up we were able to pick up the last items we needed.

As you may have heard there is some sort of hooman disease going around called Corona Virus or Covid-19.  Quarantines are being imposed, schools are closed, business are closing/limiting hours, restaurants are going to drive-thru only and the world is in a state of panic.   People are stripping the shelves of all supplies.  First was toilet paper, hand sanatizer and disinfecting wipes.  However it is now everything in the stores such as baby supplies, dog supplies, meats and nonperishable are being wiped out in record numbers.   Grocery stores are imposing quantity limits on literally everything.  So it has been furry difficult to just get basic supplies.  We hope the spread of this virus can be stopped soon and life will return to normal. 

Thankfully after a few stressful days we were able to get stocked up on our essentials.  This should keep us fed for a few weeks.

Alright lets dig in!

Stay safe out there in these uncertain times!

Lucy and Poppy

Pee Ess: As we were collecting supplies I may have let the stress get to me and may have panic eaten most of the greenies in one sitting while momma was at work.  Oops!



  1. Momma stocks up whenever she shops, so we haven't had to shop for almost three weeks now. And we've got probably two more weeks before it becomes urgent!