Saturday, March 7, 2020

Another Wednesday Another Lunch Date

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the groomers I go!

OOOH belly rubs my favorite!  Thanks Miss Larissa.

Fast forward a few hours. Momma came to pick me up.

I had to wait to show momma my new shaved self.  Miss Pat has just a few touch ups to do on me bracelets.

Then I bolted to momma!  #happypaws #blep

For my after photo I decided to do an artsy shot.  The weather was perfectly cloudy and it just felt right.

To my delight we decided to hit Chick-Fil-A for suppers and I got a CFA bone.  Plus I didn't have to share.  #win #yumyum


Pee-Ess: Poppy gave us furry aggressive love nibbles for leaving her and snacking on bones without her.  She could smell it on me.  BOL

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