Friday, March 27, 2020

Stray Chicken & It Didn't Cross The Road

It all began one Saturday afternoon when we were visiting Doggy Nanny and Aunt Gracie.  I was just watching out the big living room window.  Nothing suspicious was noted until......

.....Alert Alert....bork bork bork....Alert Alert!

Unknown strange SUSPICIOUS creature across the road.

Upon closer inspection it was a chicken. Now what on earth is a chicken doing in the middle of the city.  I suppose it possibly could be from the same farm as the rogue sheep but still its awful suspicious!!!!

We remained on high alert as the chicken seemed to be content staying right in Sammys front yard just pecking at the ground without a care in the world.

After about an hour it seems my partner fell asleep on the job.  Tsk Tsk.

In good news, no other suspicious activity was observed during our watch.



  1. OMD, that is furry suspicious indeed! Good thing you were there to prevent a chicken infiltration of Doggy Nanny's!

  2. That was great alerting the peeps! That chicken was very suspicious.