Saturday, March 21, 2020

New LWLNP Art Work by Anna Gkoutzouri

We found the artist Anna Gkoutzouri (@annagkoutzouri) via the PBJ Pack (@PBJ_Pack).  They posted a piece of her artwork featuring Jax in a story book.  We reached out to her to do a custom piece of us for our Instagram profile picture.  She agreed and asked we make a donation to Rusty's Angel Sanctuary ( for the piece.  They are a rescue group that takes in pets whos owners have gone into a nursing home or passed away.  If the pet is healthy enough to be adopted they will go to a furever home and if not they stay at the sanctuary where they are unconditionally loved until the end of their days.  What an amazing place!  Thank you Anna for telling about this place.  A donation has been made. 

Now without further ado.....

Anna you did an amazing job we totally LOVE it!  Thank you ever so much!!!!!

Lucy and Poppy

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