Friday, March 13, 2020

Pecan Smugglers

Unfortunately we have a large pecan tree in our back yard.  I feel like all I do is ask the girls to leave it or drop it as they constantly grab for pecans we find on our outings only to see them dive bomb for the next one they see.  

As as we come inside I must check them for smuggled pecans.  The half open mouth is the tell tale sign.  

Hand it over Lucy!  Thank you.

Sometimes the little one puts up a fight for her pecans. She is a feisty little critter.

 She is so into her pecans I once saw her shell one in seconds.

-Katie the Momma

*I do know nuts can be harmful to dogs.  I do retrieve the pecans before they can be eaten.  I have told them time and again but they simply won't listen.  :)

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