Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Meeting More Family

It all began last Thursday evening.  On a work week night momma said it was baff time!  I though she was pulling my leggie. 

But it was NO JOKE!  

We both were shampooed and conditioned.  

Then she asked me to take a post baff selfie.  MOMMA I NEKKID and defluffed! No photos please!

Then momma pulled out the clothing bin.  I made myself scarce.  She'll never find me here.  If you look closely you can see my bum bum sticking out of the pillow case.  

Whew I lucked out and only Poppy is going to be clothed.  I will rocking a tie dye collar.  

Momma then explained what all this fuss was concerning.  Seems some family was going to be stopping by our city en route to their new home in TN.  This is family we have never met and momma hasn't seen in like a decade or more.  Friday morning we went to Day Care and Momma met Crystal and Dion at Carinos, a local italian resaurant.  They had fun catching up and looking at old photos. After lunch they all stopped by Doggy Nanny's house to meet us!  I gave them kisses, wag and paw taps.  Then Mrs. Crystal gave me pets.

Oh and she really found that itchy neck spot of mine. Yep right there is the spot!

You'll never guess what happened next.  Mrs Crystal asked if we like toys.  

Yes ma'am we sure do!

She and Dion had brought us each a special gift.  A pink dino for Poppy. 

And a smiling sock monkey for me!

 THANK YOU both from the bottom of our wee little hearts!

Ooh he has some nice fringe on his head for chewing.  


Things escalated quickly into a good game of biety face.  

Then I caught a tired and had to rest.

But had to move to the rolling ottoman so I could see the goings on outside.  Ya know in case a rogue sammy or flock of sheep went down the road.

Upon entering the car we found the left overs.  Oh boy did they smell delicious!

But alas I caught another tired and it was furry hot (like upper 60's) and I relaxed by the ac vent for our ride home.

Momma wanted so send a big thank you to Crystal and Dion for stopping by to say hello and for taking her to lunch.  It was great caching up! 

Lucy and Poppy

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  1. Aww, how nice to meet new family! And they brought TOYS! That makes everything better.