Monday, March 9, 2020

Momma Betrayed Us Both!

Momma came home one Thursday evening.  Said get your leashes we are going to Petco.

Oh boy!  Treats, toys, new outfits!  The pawsibilities are endless!

As we arrived we didn't go in the front door.

 We went in a side entrance and this place smelled funny.

Then...GULP....momma handed my leash over to the lady behind the counter.

Momma and Lucy then proceeded to walk away.  NOOOOO!

Then the most horrible thing happened.  The groomer gave me a BUTT-I-CURE!  I am embarrassed and humiliated.

(Side note: the groomer gave an excellent report.  She said I was well behaved and she was able to expel a lot of "stuff" from my...well ya know. )

While Poppy was....well...away....Momma and I stopped by the instore pick up counter but she wouldn't let me see what she was getting.

Oh well I will see when we get to the car.  We retrieved Poppy and headed out.

Back at the car Momma showed me what she picked up.  MEDICINE TOOLS!  Seems my gagging, bucking and drama queen behavior is unwanted.  So she got a pill dispenser to make the process easier.  And a new 10 ml syringe for my liquid benedry.  Momma I am not happy!  Oh you need a picture ok *CHEESE* But I am still upset!

Meanwhile Poppy had gone mad....

I was traumatized....


I am not sure either of us can trust momma anymore.  She has taken it too far this time!

If anyone is interested in adopting a drama queen Poodle with a flair for the dramatics and a Chinese Crested with some slight anger management issues please private message us on Instagram.  @LifeWithLucyNPoppy

Lucy and Poppy

*Exclusions: Momma, you gets no smooches due to tricking us!


  1. OMD, a butticure?!?! I think that sounds like the most awfully thing EVER. You need to poop in her shoes while you're reviewing applications for a new home.