Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Shelter In Place Issued by The Mayor For Wichita Falls

With the rise of cases of Covid-19 our city has issued a "Shelter-In-Place" ordinance on March 27th.  (Sorry posts are a little out of order, everything a little crazy)  Only essential business may remain open and you may only leave for essential needs/essential work.

When we ventured out to get our online grocery order there was very very little traffic.  This was aprox 5pm on Saturday on one of the busiest roads in the city.   People are taking it furry seriously.

I worried my self the whole way there we would get caught even though momma said getting groceries was on the list of essential travel.



  1. Momma said the last time she left home, she had her badge sitting next to her in the car so she could prove she was an essential government employee! She said she didn't REALLY think anyone would question her, but she still felt oddly nervous.

  2. We are week 2 with essential only. It is going fine. Better then getting sick.