Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Allergy Update

After going back on my rx allergy medication for 5 days I have felt a huge wave of relief.  My eyes have been less red.

The pill giving part has been stressful and I am still upset with momma for giving me pills.  Post dinner I kinda avoid her cause thats when she usually tries to give me my pill.  It makes her sad but pills make me sad.  :(

Towards the end of the run of the rx meds momma decided to try a pill dispenser.   We got the "Well and Good" dispenser from Petco.  It was around $5.

The hope is she can get it far enough back in my throat (in a single try) and I can't spit it out.

My rx allergy pills fit in it perfectly.

For wags and giggles she even tested a 1/2 tablet of Benedryl and it fit just fine.

(Note from the momma: I was worried to try this due to the bad reviews.  However for the pills we have its perfect.  I can see how small pills (smaller than the benedryl or those that have to be cut into fourths) wouldn't stay but for the majority it will be perfect.)

The first run with the dispenser went better than I expected.  I mean it still gagged me and the process is  horribly awful.  But it was just one and done.  No more fiddling with wet pills and momma having to repeat the process multiple times.  Not that I advocate giving dogs pills but if it must be done this is the way to go.  Again #dogsagainstpills


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