Saturday, March 3, 2018

2nd Opinion on the MM

Since we are new in town we decided to get a second opinion on the MM.  We went to a place called Mr. Macs. 

Momma thought ahead this time and packed some chew chews for me since I got bored last time.  I was quite content.

Momma also brought along the treat pouch and clicker.

When people approached or talked to us, as long as I was nice and quiet, I got a click'n'treat. 
Well mommas fear was realized, the car will cost 1,000 milk bones to fix.  We scheduled a day and went on our way.

Since it was rainy we decided to do a little window shopping and continue our greeting practice.

All went well.  At petco we ran into a stocker multiple times, no jumping and no tinkles.  Yipee.  After that we window shopped at Petsmart and we passed a multitude of people each time I looked at momma when someone passed click'n'treat.  I even did good with the nice older lady with a walker.  I sniffed it as she passed but didn't get excited and as we passed I focused on momma.   In the end I did have one burst excitement wif a little girl who wanted to pet me.  But practice makes progress!!!

Later on the rain passed and we ended up going on a golf cart ride.  I got to check some recent pee mail and leave a little too.

On the way home I remembered my chew chew in my stroller and while momma got gas I jumped out of my carseat into the back and got my chew chew. 


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