Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dog Hack: Records Bag

I have a quick dog hack for you today.  I always carry my vaccination records, registration certificate, and color photo in my Doggie Bag.  Before the move we laminated the pages and put them in the bottom of the bag.  After the move I have kept them in the pink zippered pouch.  Well it it a full 8.5 by 11 and barely fit in my bag.  With it being so big it often would bow in the middle causing the zipper to bust.  Neither option was working out well so momma and I went to office depot to see what they had in the way of pencil pouches.  Pencil pouches are smaller, a little more sturdy and often have better zippers.  Ta Da we found the perfect one.  Its a Mead Five Star Pouch.  They had a ton of colors but purple compliments my doggie bag the best!

On the front is 2 zippered pockets.  The top ones empty for now (I'll find something for it I am sure) and in the bottom we keep my rabies, homeagain and Lucy Star tags.

In the big zippered back pocket I keep my rabies certificate (the bottom half of the page was blank so we just trimmed it off to let it fit), vaccination receipt (Showing the date of my parvo and bordetella boosters), city licence certificate, registration certificate, and color photo.

Another reason we went with a pencil pouch is that in case of emergency we could attach this to my kennel door with a carabiner and the rings on the side.   Mommas always got safety on her mind.


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