Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another Leggie Owie

One evening just before momma came to pick me up from daycare Gracie and I were playing chase and ear bitey (ok the last part was mostly me).  We rounded the coffee table, bam I screamed and my leggie went stiff again.  Doggy Nanny came, picked me up and rocked me to sleep.  When momma came to pick me up my leggie was still tense and I didn't feels good.
*A Dramatic, very dramatic, re-enacted photo*

By morning I was all better and ready to go see Aunt Gracie again.

This makes for the 3 stiff leggie incident since being here in TX and momma broke da news to me that at my upcoming vet appointment she is going to have them check out my limpee leggie.  I so worried that this will lead to pokes, and I do not like pokies even more than I do not like heartworm medicines!!!!!!


*Limp Tracker for Momma* Limpee Leggie (Leg went stiff and cried): 1st (nov 2017) was stretching out to sniff the fence of BB1 and BB2.  2nd (nov/dec 2017) was playing with Gracie on back porch.  3rd (march 2018) was playing with Gracie in the house ran into couch.  Other incidents: Sitting on back porch couldn't stand up biting at legs.  Holding up legs when running (started in KY summer 17).  Holding up legs after potty time (intermittent).


  1. Great photo ... Gotta love the dramatic flare! What a very pretty pooch, I hope her leg problem is nothing serious and easily remedied.

  2. Oh noes! I hopes the vettie can figure out what is the cause. I hopes it's something simple. Loves the re-enactment! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  3. Do ya has a luxating patella? Momma says my predecessor had dat.

  4. That is very strange. We definitely think you should tell your dogtor about it so maybe this won't keep happening.