Sunday, March 18, 2018

Found my Lost Chew Chew and Big Dogs at the Complex

 One morning I spotted something between the cars seats.  I tried to investigate but my nose was too short to reach.  I showed momma and pulled out my lost Petstages Antler chew chew.  I was so happy!  I haven't seen it since the big road trip of 2017.  I keep it in my car seat for a quick morning chew chew session as we drive to Aunt Gracies house.

That afternoon as we arrived home we spotted the big dogs that live at the Weeks Mansion in our Apartment Complex.  We have seen them numerous times but never been able to get a picture.  Momma said the day we came to sign the lease papers and pick up the keys she saw the poodle  in the fence and she knew it was a sign that this was the place we should be.