Thursday, March 22, 2018

Perfect Day at the Park

Edit: This was from a few weeks ago
 80 degrees, sunshine and the park.  A recipe for a perfect day in my book.

Surveying the land.

Found a resting spot.

Close up please!!!!

And we can't forget the Facebook photo from the phone.  *Queen Lucy*

After being atop the jungle gym I decided to cool myself in da sand.  In the earlier hours the sand is quite cool and refreshing.

Once sufficiently cooled I started getting a rumbly in my tumbly and decided to raid the doggie bag for training treats.

When I got home I tucked myself in for a nap.  ZZZZzzZZzzzZZZZZz



  1. That looks like fun! Enjoy these 80 degree days while they last. Texas summers are NOT fun!

  2. OH BOY! That does look like funs!
    Ruby ♥