Friday, March 2, 2018

Flashback: Indoor Activities During Ice-Mageddon 2018

 Back on the Ice-Mageddon occured after playing in the snow I found myself in quite a predicament.  There are no other doggies here to play wif in the apartment, I can't get driven to Aunt Gracies, and we can't go outside and sit under the big tree.  What evers shall I do?

We started off playing blanket monster.


Grrr take that!!!

Then I spotted my ball.

I brought it over and requested a throw.

No momma not pictures, throw the ball here.

Oh wait don't take.

Moooommmmaaaa!!!!  No pictures THROW THE BALL!

I'll get it!

 Safely returned!

After a few throws, I was tired. 

Time to wallow on the couch....


...its impawtant to stretch when you wallow, so you don't hurt yourself.

Ok, is it supper time?


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  1. When we get stuck inside due to weather, I like to find a comfy spot on the couch or my dog bed (depending on if Momma is upstairs or downstairs) and take a nap. All day.