Saturday, March 24, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Frisco Pantry Pack Dog Poop Bags Review

Welcome back furiends I have another #ChewyInfluencer Review for you today!  I spotted this item in the influencer list and thought it could be helpful for momma.  It is Frisco *Scented* Dog Waste Bags. 

What is special about these bags is they are not in the tiny "On the Go" case.  This is an at home bundle.  So set it out and grab a bag as needed.  There are 300 9" by 13" bags in the bundle.

*Sniff* *Sniff*  They have a light scent but not overwhelming.  Very nice!  They also offer and unscented version for those with sensitive noses.

With the bag pulled up it looks just like a kleenex box....which reminds me ever since Christmas time I haven't seen a Kleenex box around Doggy Nanny's house.  Hmm!

Alright lets load these up and head home to find the perfect spot for these to stay.

Maybe right here....

...Yep this will do just fine!  This is our kitchen window right by the back door that we use most often.  Its just to camera left. 

Got one popped up ready to grab when nature calls.

Now onto the review.  One thing I like right away is they come out of the box unfolded ready to use, unlike the on the roll bags.  

Height and length wise they are the same size.

Upon closer inspection the Frisco bags are much thicker.  This will better protect your pawrents hand and they are less likely to tear.  No one wants a torn doggie bag that is a FACT!

Momma and I give these waste bags a 5 Star (*****) rating.  They are easy to grab especially early in the morning, they are very durable, and have made picking up easy peasy! 


#Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thank you for the review! This looks like a good thing to have.