Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trying out the Chuck-It

 Last weekend when I went to visit the Easter Bunny I found this froo-er or Chuck-it as its officially called at Petsmart.  It seemed like the perfect spring/summer toy and I love balls!  Momma couldn't resist getting it for me. :)

Unpackaged it looks even more fun!  Fresh tennis ball fuzz...what puppies dreams are made of!!!!

Man you should see how far it can chuck a ball!  I was running all over the park.

In hindsight we didn't pick the best time to come to the park it was super duper hots in the sun.  So I only fetched a few rounds before leaving the ball..... find my own shady spot to relax.

As we got ready to head out of the park I noticed the little loops on the dog training bag and had a brilliant idea.  Ta  Da!  Mystery solved on the use of these loops.  Chuck-it-holder.

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  1. Momma says they used to have one of those and used them to try to tire out my angel aunt Kaitlin when she was a young Labrador puppy and could fetch for HOURS.

  2. We have a few different ball throwers. Mom likes the telescoping one best cuz it is easy for travel.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. I would luv dat - I luv tennis balls!

  4. Phod loves his chuck but he likes an orange rubber ball and not a tennis ball. Hope it cools down so you can play more.