Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles!

One day while on her break at work momma came across an ad for doggie puzzles in the FB Marketplace.  She saw the $15 price tag and thought for sure that meant each puzzle was $15.  Puzzles are a bit pricey online especially when you add shipping cost.  She messaged the seller and asked if the price was $15 for all or each.  The seller responded $15 for all.  Her doggie got bored with them and she didn't want them just sitting around collecting dust.  OH BOY! We made plans to go pick them up the next morning.

When we got them home we gave them a quick baff.  Then momma bathed me.  That was just not nice in the least!  While the puzzles and I dried we patiently...or not so patiently waited for the Fedex dude to arrive wif my influencer products so I could do my photoshoot on mommas day off.  We waited some 3 hours and just as we had enough and packed up to leave we heard a knock at the door.  It was the package.

We scooped it up and headed for the park.  I chose this one to try first with my influencer treat.  I had a blast!!!!

The next night I tried this puzzle.

This one was more difficult than the first...

...but I kept at it and succeeded!

Last but not least I tried the star puzzle.  This one proved the hardest of the group.  The top star is the cover. 

Once its moved you get the treats in the tray underneath but then you have to move that tray to uncover the second tray under that!!!! 

It took me quite a while to work this one but momma hid CHEESE in the bottom tray so my effort paid off.

This tetris one is still my favorite!

All froo!



  1. Jessie and I get really competitive about doing puzzles, so Momma tends to keep them away unless we can do them really one-on-one. Your LucyStar puzzle looks like a good one, though!

  2. You are very smart and patient Lucy, like Phod. Lee just tries to brute force them! Enjoy!