Saturday, November 24, 2018

I Had A Reaction To My Heartworm Prevention Sentinel

We had a regular day on Wednesday the 14th.  Took Lucy to the groomer, did laundry wif momma, had a photo shoot.  After the busy morning we did take a nap in the afternoon.  When we awoke we ran out for supper.  Once home momma grabbed us a tray of Science Diet Chicken & Gravy food topper and remembered it was heartworm day.  So she stuffed the pills down our throats, asked us nicely to accept the pills and we obliged without resistance.  We ate supper and went to watch Netflix. After while momma took us out to go potty.  I got onsi-ed and sweater-ed cause, quite frankly, its cold as ice outside.  We came back inside and momma noticed I was itching.  She removed my sweater to find my back inflamed, lumpy and red.  I was super itchy and couldn't scratch it away.   She thought it was the sweater/onsie because I had worn it for the better part of 2 days and nights.   Again its cold!  The I cuddled up wif Lucy.

Momma got me a new clean onsise to prevent me scratching futher.

About midnight my eyes started feeling funny.  Momma said right eye was very red and swollen.  Momma gave me magic cheese.  She feared I was bit by a bug.  We went back to bed and slept a little.  Around 2 AM I got an upset tum tum and starting tossing my milk bones.  Momma got it all cleaned up and said we had to go to the vet in the morning.  Shucks! Kick a girl when shes down why dont ya.

By the next morning  (thursday) my right eye was less swollen but my left was worse.  I tossed a few milk bones while momma got ready.  Then just as we were about to leave my symptoms calmed down.  She said we were going any how cause I was still looking sluggish and kept shaking my head.  Umm, that was my response to going to the dogtor...yea that why I was shaking my head!

Anyhoo we coated up, loaded up and arrived a few minutes later at CPV.  There was a short wait just one kitten ahead of us.

Lucy made furiends wif  the kittens family. Lucy made furiends wif the staff doing some light cleaning.

Lucy made furiends wif a hound doggo.  Do we see a trend here?

Then they called my name and we were put in the exam room.

Momma splained my symptoms.

And you can see here more bumps are popping up.  Momma didn't even see these till we were making this post.

The nurse took my temperature, Ill spare you the details but it wasn't the under the tongue type of temperature taker.  RUDE!  As this was going on my tummy got a rumbly and...

 I tossed some more milk bones.  YUCK!

Then I got a rash on my head.

I started getting more itchies.

And my right eye swelled up again and I felt horrible

Lucy got up and sat wif me.  Sweet Lucy!

I hear peoples coming....oh no!

I don't wanna get back up here...sounds like they are getting close.

The door knob is turning!!!!

I got to meet Dr Wurster.  He was a kind, gentle, non-temperature taker.  He checked my heart and lungs.  Then looked over my skin.  He said it was an allergic reaction I was experiencing and that my heart worm preventative could be the cause since it was the only "different" thing that happened to me and my symptoms developed right after taking it.  Its a possibility that it may not be but we have to eliminate the most probable cause and go from there. He said he would trade out the brand new box we picked up just a few weeks ago for a different brand. He is going to put me on Iverheart Max, it has Ivermectin as the main ingredient versus Sentinel main ingredient, Melbimycin.

He prescribed Prednisone to help with the allergic reaction and Famotidine to help settle my stomach.  With the allergic reaction he said the acid in my tummy is going wild, thus causing the tossing of said milk bones.

I ready to go now momma.

Needing nap.

Once home momma fixed me a nice breakfast, I politely declined.  Not hungry.  She then stuffed the medicines down my throat, politely asked me to take my medicine and I obliged without resistance.  After that I did feel a bit better.  My puffy-ness decreased but I did toss more milk bones.  Hopefully that will go away soon!

Even though I was sickie, doggy nanny said I could still come to daycare.  The only thing I ate was a sliver of a bacon treat.

After day care on the car ride home I tossed more milk bones.  At home I refused dinner again and went right to sleep. Friday momma woke up wif a headache, so she stayed home wif us.  She administered my medicine again.   I did refused 2 offerings of food and momma called the vet to tattle on me ask how long should she give my hunger strike before bringing me back in.  The receptionist said that she would have a tech call back to speak with her.  About an hour later I felt better!  In the mean time momma brought out the science diet trays of chicken and gravey and I ate like nobodys business!  It tasted good, didn't upset my tum tum and no tossing of milk bones!!!!!!!  Just as I was finishing the last morsels the tech called.  Momma told him I finally ate.  He asked if my swelling had gone down and it had.  He said it looks like the medicine just took time to kick in.  As long as the swelling didn't come back and I was eating no need for a return visit.  YEA!

After that big meal I crashed hard.

Lucy came to give cuddles.
The rest of the day I felt better, did some bitey face wif Lucy in the evening, and ate 2.5 bowls of food through out the whole day.  I had to make up for my missed meals. Once I started eating momma gave me a new treat to compliment my medicines called pill pockets.  Strange name, theres no pocket just treat.  But they are super yummys and make the medicine go down super easy. Lucy have you ever had pill pockets?

Ever since Friday I have felt good and spunky!  All functions are normals.  My back is healing.

Tuesday momma went to exchange my meds.  The new one is Iverheart Max (Ivermectin).  I'm kinda scared to take it and mommas scared to give it but we must move on and get back to routine.


Note: Just because Poppy had a reaction doesn't mean other dogs would.  I don't want this post to scare anyone who may read it.  I have had Lucy on it for 9 months no issues.  Plus its small size has been a tremendous help in getting her medication.   Its just a dog by dog basis.  Just hoping the next medication will work.


  1. What a scary time for you Poppy. We hope the new medicine will be better for you.

  2. Oh you poor sweet thing! You're so lucky to have such an observant momma!

  3. We hope you feel better and are 100@ soon, Poppy. How scary!

  4. OMD, Poppy, that sounds so skeery! I'm glad that your meds kicked in eventually and you started feeling better.

    PS - Casey took Iverheart for years and years with no trouble. I think you'll like it!

  5. Oh that is fabulous to hear that Casey has been on it with no issues.