Saturday, November 17, 2018

Join Us On A Fall Golf Cart Ride

The leaves in the trees are changing colors....

....and falling away.  Its beginning to look like fall around here.

Lots of pee-mail was sniffed, and quite a bit left.

Off to the next street.  (Note by momma: could these girls look any happier?  It fills my heart with joy)

We did some fancy bitey face in the empty field next to the church.

Then some splorin.

Ooh whats in here?

I looked adorable in my hand-me-down harness from Lucy.  Momma I ready to ride again. 

Water break.  Of course we had Wataburger water.  We are texans after all.

After the ride we did a little porch sittin wif Doggy Nanny and Grandpa. 

Their trees haven't started changing color yet but hopefully soon. 

Of course we said hello to BB1 and BB2

All too soon, our bellies reminded us it was supper time...

...and we headed for home. I think there are some raw boost mixers calling our names!

Lucy & Poppy


  1. What a great time you two girls had adventuring and that's the coolest ramp to get you into the doggie door! Love that last picture!