Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Poppy the Chinese Crested - Skin & Beauty Routine

Hello readers, Katie the momma here, I wanted to share what is in Poppy's skin routine.  We have tried a few different products and the list below have been the most effective.

Doghaus Oatmeal Milk shampoo. I have always used oatmeal shampoo in various brands some better than others.  It has a light scent and had coconut oil in the ingredient list, that's what prompted me to purchase it.  Coconut oil and oatmeal seem to be the top ingredients for soothing dry skin.  I purchased it from TJMaxx.  Used 1-2 times a month.

GNC's Lavendar Medicated conditionier.  This has by far been the biggest help in getting her dry skin feeling soft as butter.  This we got from our Chewy Influencer program.  It smells fantastic and decreased her scratching her neck drastically.  I have read from many CC owners that ketoconazole (a key ingredient) is a great product that has helped their CC's skin look and feel nice.  Used 1-2 times a month.

Gold Bond Lotion with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and   cocoa butter.  Once soaked in she still feel soft.  This also has a nice light scent of coconut.  This we use on an almost daily basis. 

Onsies/hoodies.  For days we are out sitting in the sun or spending time outside to block the sun.

Booty gooroo with her beauty products.

When Poppy's done being a booty gooroo.  She demands treats .

The Momma


  1. I would assume that you would be a kind of challenge with no furs, Poppy and I bet your mom reads tons of stuffs on care for Chinese Crested's.

  2. Gurl, you should see Ma's beauty cabinet!!!! Though, none of her stuffs helps her looks more beautifuls! BOL!!!!! shhhhh, don't tells her I said that, k?
    Lookin' FABulous gurl!
    Ruby ♥