Sunday, November 11, 2018

Preparing For Grandpa's Fish Fry - #ChewyInfluencer - Merrick Fresh Kisses Holiday Mint Dental Dog Treats Review

Is there something under me bed?  Would ya look at that its a box!  Whats inside?  Read on to find out.  Its furry special! 

Grandpa's been planning a big fish fry.  He's inviting lots of family over!  Doesn't that sound simply fabulous?!?!!?!?!?!  I sure think so.  We haven't had a big pawty in a while...well since Uncle Bobby's Fish Fry in June.  Momma has drinks to buy and eggs to devil. 

While shes busy we have got to get ready too.  There are collars to pick out, baffs to be taken, and an outfit to be found for Poppy. 

We have to look our best, but we also have to smell our best.  Post baff we are going to break out the Merrick Fresh Kisses Holiday Mint Dental Dog Treats.  This is to ensure we have the perfect kissable breath and I pawsonally plan on doing lots of kissing.

Now while we try and get into this bag have your pawrents take a look at the Key Benefits:

*Dog treats to helps clean teeth, fight plaque and tartar, plus freshen doggy breath with a unique shape and botanical formula.
*Designed with a double-brush action to get in between teeth and help keep them clean with every bite.
*Formulated with all-natural spearmint oil breath strip pieces to help keep your pal’s breath even fresher.
*It’s easily digestible since it’s made with natural peas, tapioca and gelatin, with no potatoes or grains.
*Cooked right here in the USA without including any corn, soy, or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We chose the extra smol. 

These are the perfect size for small/toy breeds.  However they have Small, Medium and Large sizes available at

How's my before breff Poppy? comment.

*Sniff* *Sniff*  Momma the eggs are boiling!  Don't furget to set the timer.  Where were we?

Oh yeah, we are ready for our treat now.  Lets freshen our breath and clean them toofers.  

*Official Adorable Taste Test  Montage* *CUE THE MUSIC*

Yum Yum in the Tum Tum!  That was FAB-U-LUS! Poppy I concur!

Lucy did you eat all of yours?  Sure you didn't leave any crumbs?

Alright we needs to snoopervise momma finishing these deviled eggies.  Looking good....I bet it tastes even better...hint...hint...hint!  SCORE!!!! 

Once the eggies were filled we got to clean the utensils.  Deviled eggies are the bomb.

Time to put them in da frige to chill out.    

Pupdate and final thoughts: Everyone was appreciative of our kisses!  We did get compliments for fresh breff and looking fabulous.  These dental chews were different than other ones we have tried.  These had a great minty flavor and had a chewy-er texture.  Which was pawsome!

So whether you have a pawty to attend or just for every day use we give these a big paws up.  We would definitely recommend these to a furiend.  

Mint Smooches,
Lucy & Poppy

*Disclaimer we were sent this product in exchange for our honest review.  

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  1. These dental treats sound like something that mom might let me have. She won't let me have Greenies because I devour them too fast. Have fun at your Grandpa's fish fry!