Friday, November 2, 2018

Ripped Outta Bed To Go To......

....THE VET OFFICE!  TSK TSK!  Momma's been on an organizing kick here lately.  So when we came across our jars of heartworm preventative she realized I only had 2 left.  How did that happen?  I have only lived here a short time.  Well now I am thinking about it its been 4 and a half months.  My my time files when your having fun!  Any hoo she said we might as run to the clinic stock up.

Is too early for bye byes to vets.  As momma's FB fren pointed out dis be me stink eye face....and don't mind that fuzz...I don't have a clue how it gots there.  Just is.

Whew!  That receptionist did me quite a fright.  We told her what we needed and she said "please come through this door Miss".  What?!?!?!  To the back?!?!?! NOOO!  It was only to get a weight to make sure I would stay in the same 1-10# range of medicine.  After Lucy and I got weighed we got sent back up front.  But whew that was close.   It ruffled me hair!

Lucy was kind enough to comfort me.  

I think I will take a nap at Day Care today.  I needs one. 


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  1. The vet is fun! They fuss over me SO much there, and I get treats! Why would it skeer you?