Monday, November 12, 2018

The Police Stopped in Front of Our Apartment

We were just watching Netflix when all of a sudden we heard a noise.  It sounded like some one jiggling a door.  I went furry cautiously to the living room gave a quick bork n grr then ran back to momma.  Poppy didn't budge...I don't think she heard it wrapped up in her fleece blankies.  The noise stopped after a few seconds.  Must have been a neighbor.   We returned to our show and forgot out it.  Then red and blue lights flashed brightly in our bedroom window.  We jumped up to see what was going on.  Looked to be just a traffic stop but it gave me and momma a heart attack.  We thought there might have been a puppy burglar on the loose or something. Poppy finally woke up when momma hopped out of bed.  She just sat there and  looked confused.

Lucy & Poppy

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