Sunday, November 4, 2018

I Karate Kicked Grandpa

Story time!  So we went to day care, it was a normal day.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  When we arrived at Doggy Nanny's house grandpa came to retrieve us and get us safely in the house this day instead of Doggy Nanny.  Well momma turned me round to hand me over and I freaked out.  I karate kicked grandma and my front feets flalled around knocking mommas glasses off.

Most peoples looks spicious to me.  So when grandpa tried to attack me....simply hold me.  I went into karate....flight mode.  In order to live.  Momma says we needs to work on this, I think I would just be happy staying on the couch instead of doing "socalizing & training".

Karate Master

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