Friday, November 30, 2018

Our Instinct Raw 30 Day Challenge - #ChewyInfluencer - Instinct by Nature's Variety Raw Kibble Toppers (3/ 3)

How has 30 days already passed?!!?  Well its been fun month filled wif wonderful meals and happy tum tums!  With this being November 30th I thought I would don my festive apparel for our final review.

After the 30 Day Challenge we are still enjoying the Instinct Raw Boost Beef Toppers.  We never turn them down.  We both eat with the same vigor now as we did on day one.  In fact i'm getting a tummy rummbly just thinking about them.  Momma can you slip me one please, I'm starving!

Ok, I'm good now. So for our final thoughts. If you are looking for a way to a shake things up and make meal time fun again, Raw Boost Toppers are the way to go. They are convenient to use, easy to store (Per bag store in cool dry place, no refrigeration needed), the right size for any breed doggo, not messy and highly highly palatable we do mean dog-gone pawsome! We have also used these intermittently as training/photoshoot treats. They work great for this too!  Its hard to see in my fuzzy bracelet but, there is a raw boost mixer in there, we are working on "Leave It".  Comment "GO BOOSTERS" if you spot it!

Our last bag is looking awful empty. That means its time to reorder!!!! YEA!  I do believe we need to try the Lamb....but the chicken sound good too and well...oh this might be a hard decision!  Poppy time for a meeting!

Last but not least we would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to Instinct for making such a delicious food topperand Chewy for sending this to us!

Lucy & Poppy

Disclaimer: We did receive this product in exchange for our honest opinion.

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