Saturday, December 1, 2018

Letters to Santa Paws 2018

Dearest Santa Paws,

     It's been another wild and fun year!  First things first THANK YOU for considering my request from last year and delivering my new baby sister.  Its the best gift I could have ever receive!  Next I want to explain bouts the bird incident on the day after Christmas last year.  I didn't realize the whole "being good" restarted so quickly.  I was all torn up inside bouts Doggy Nanny getting sick.  I wasn't in my right mind.  Could this be forgiven?

     On to other things, for the majority of the year I have been a good doggie.  I completed my Obedience class, I gave my family reasons to laugh everyday, I helped my new baby sister over come her fears, and I made sure to make every hooman I came across feel happy (and I didn't pee on most of them).  This year I would love to have some True Chews, a new toy wif squeaker, and a chew chew stick.  Safe travels and give the reindeers a boop for me!


P.S. No clothes please.


Hello Kind Sir Santa Paws,
     It's me Poppy.  This is the first letter I am writing you and hope it finds you well.  Its been a difficult start but great ending on my year.  I really like being a Texas resident.  I have tried my fur-less best to be a good girl.  I am coming when called (most of da time, unless I find something that perks my interest), doing well wif potty training, practicing my modeling and giving kisses to momma and Doggy Nanny.  I would really appreciate a bag of Dently chew chews, smol tennis balls (I kinda eated the fuzz off the ones Lucy had, its yummy), a pretty outfit and a bag of bacon.  Lucy told me of the great trip your about to embark on, please ride safe and give the reindeer lots of nummers.  We are leaving a bowl of treats out in case they get hungry.


P.S. More Clothes Please!


  1. Those are great letters to Santa, girls, I know that he is listening.
    Your blog looks so pretty for the holiday season!

  2. OMD, Lucy, Santa will bring new siblings?! That's pawesome! I want more kitties to play with.