Thursday, December 20, 2018

Visiting Santa at Frank & Joe's Coffee House

It came up in local events section on FB that Santa would be at Frank & Joe's Coffee House and it was for puppies exclusively.  So you know we had to go visit him.

Upon arrival we found the signs to direct us where to go.

We got in line.

I went first and whispered my wish list in Santa's ear.  Dresses, shirts, clothes, a tennis ball and oh yea clothes please!

When it was my turn I had a sudden bout of guilt gut and that made Santa giggle.

He said he's seen good behavior from me, minus the bird incident but he understood about the circumstances.  I felt better and was able to pose nicely for a photo.  Thanks Santa!

Lucy & Poppy


  1. You girls did great with Santa! I've never been on his lap before. I think I might crush him at this point☺ I hope you get everything on your list!

  2. Oh wow, Santa was sure nice!! Momma wants me to go see Santa, but I'm just not sure about meeting strangers yet. I need some time to warm up to people furst.

  3. BRAVO gurls! I knows that Santa Paws is gonna gets you all you wants!
    (and good job not peeing on him...hehehee)
    Ruby ♥