Sunday, December 2, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

GOLF CART TIME!!! Engage eye lasers to make momma hurry!

We are off!

Its a warm sunny day perfect for riding and adventures.

All the howloween decorations have vanished. 

Everyone is decorating for Christmas.  Dis bes me disgruntled face that I had to ride while Lucy got to be free. Just so momma could take photos and I have a tendency to "roam" and "not listen".  Those are momma's terms not mine.  Onto the decorations.

We have carousal horses....

...Snow People wif Puppy Dogs....

....Lots of Puppy Dogs...

...Foxes, Rocking Reindeer, Snowpeople....

The one that caught my eye was the....

....Christmas Light wrapped catcus and  a Texas state shaped banner yard display. #TexasPride

After the tour of the lights we hit the  High School.  Lucy's been raving about this place.  It has lots of running room, a pond and more animals than you can count.

So many smells!

OOH Lucy look...

... a big bird!

After the pond Lucy decided to leave the group to join a jogger on their run.  Momma then put her on leash restriction. 

 Hmm..seems I am not the only roaming non listener huh big sis-fur!

We will end this post with some beautiful trees. 

Poppy & Lucy


  1. People sure do put kerazy stuff in their yard this time of year! I like that even snowpeople have doggies.