Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Momma's Abandoning Us Fur GOOD!

It's Jury Duty all over again and momma said its permanent.  She's accepted a dispatcher position with the city of Wichita Falls.  That was what all the sneaky business was about.  First they had to interview her, send her for testing and call her like a hundred times to set it all up. Her new jobs hours are 7 -4 Apparently all of WF gets up at the crack of dawn to do things.  We are dogs....we do not!  She seems simply giddy about it.  Not sure why.  We liked getting up at 10 in the morning and spending all afternoon wif Doggy Nanny.  This was my actual reaction to the news.  My ear flopped inside out and everything!

So now our routine is as follows.

 We get yanked outta bed at 5:30, you read that right 5:30 and tossed outside to pee in the dark.

It's cold, we are sweepy and furry dramatic.

Then we help momma fill her bag wif treats and such.  We get a small brekkie.  We cry a lot.  Then momma loads up her stuffs and ABANDONS US!

After she locks the door I get up in the window and give my saddest puppy dog eyes.  But she turns and walks away.

A couple hundred hours later we hear the door knob turn, its Doggy Nanny to save us!  I run to the car, Poppy is carried.  We ride off into the sunset...I mean mid day sun and go see GRACIE!

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Aww, that doesn't sound so bad! Your momma is doing very impawtant stuff to helps people! My momma goes to work all day and I don't have a Doggy Nanny to come give me a break.

  2. Thank doG that your doggy nanny comes to free you for some fun! Your mom's new job sounds very important to us.