Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Updated Nightly Routine: Picking Up 2 Dogs From Daycare

When we hear the screen door open its a flurry of tapping toes and barking pups.  Then we assume our nightly positions.  I pawsonally sit across from momma on the love seat, usually pupside down, so momma can't leash me and make me leave Gracies house.  Hasn't worked yet.  Can't a pup get a sleepover once in a while?!?!?!

For me, once I give momma waggy tails and kisses I hunt and gather all the toys and rawhides and start chewing.

Oh chew chews are so good!!!!

On the way out we always check the porch for the Martin Lizards.  Seems since we have been getting colder weather they are not porch sitting any more.  HOWEVER!!!!  We do have a new little buddy.  He is a skinny widdle tiny lizard and unlike the Martins has a stripy tail.  We decided to name him Tiny Tim.

Lucy & Poppy

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