Saturday, December 8, 2018

I Want a Cert-A-Fit-A-Kit

I am a little jelly, Lucy has all the pretty papers wif gold letters.  She says they are Cert-A-Fit-A-Kits and you earn them by doing things.   I want a Cert-A-Fit-A-Kit of my own.  Mostly to chew, but also to keep the remnants in my book.

I told momma and she agreed that we could work on getting a Cert-A-Fit-A-Kit.  She told me first we have to come up wif a name.  Um, my name's Poppy.  She explained I have to have an official "Registered Name".  Lucy's is Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star.

Hmm, whats something that describes me. 

I HAVE IT!  "Princess Messy Hair Don't Care"

It describes me and has a throw back to a dog in my lineage. (See IMG below of Princess my birth mom)

With me being a mutt...erm...having a diverse pedigree, momma said I will be listed with the AKC's Canine Partners Program.

We pawed the interwebs, swiped the card and its official.  Now that we have that figured out, momma said the next thing we have to work on is socialization and training.  Hmm...I may not have thought this though.  Why must I do training and be social?  I like being a reclusive couch tater.  Momma babbled on and on bouts being a good citizen, no karate kicks, accepting friendly pats to the head, doing tricks and blah blah blah.  I guess if it leads to treats and Cert-A-Fit-A-Kit's it may be worth it.  Well shall see.

Princess Messy Hair Don't Care AKA Poppy