Friday, December 14, 2018

Spa Day Turned Play Date

Ahh a crisp December morning.  Pawfect for getting my furry self shaved!

While at Margots look who I found!  It's Daily Dose of Douglas!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to his mom Cynthia for taking these and sharing.

Here is what he posted to my facebook page.
Daily Dose of Douglas
7 hrs
I went to the barber shop and who did I see???My friend Lucy!!! Life With Lucy & Poppy - Blog! Lucy has been to my house back in the spring and we had so much fun playing. what a great surprise for me and mommy to see Lucy today.

It was fabulous to see you Douglas!  Maybe if we work it right we can coordinate again next time.

Shortly after momma and Poppy arrived to pick me up.  Poppy thought I smelled nice and kept sniffing me.

Then she started giving me sister kisses! Ok enough kisses!

I have to tell you about my spa day turned play date.

We sniffed, we danced, and had a happy waggy time. 

Time for Bitey Face!

Not my neck!

UNCLE!  You win! 

Good Game sis-fur.


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