Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sis-Furs Are For Snuggling

Even if they wont sit down you just gotta make due and sleep sitting up.  Please ignore the receipts below my sisfur....Momma hadn't cleaned up the mornings shreddings yet. 

Ahh!  Finally!

Momma caught this candid shot after a riveting game of bitey face.  We actually fell asleep like this...Momma reports we were even snoring. 

Lucy & Poppy

P.S. Before we go the following does not have snuggling content but we did get some rain. Check out the sky just as the rain started.  There were sun splashed clouds, blue skies, and the rain cloud all in one shot just to our West. 

 And it was on a non work day so we got to sit on the porch and just enjoy it blowing in.  No rain coats required.  Best rainy day ever.


  1. I agree! I snuggle with my sisfur a lot. Usually I like to play a little more, uh, actively, but snuggling is fun too!

  2. You two gurls are just too cute!
    Ruby ♥