Sunday, December 23, 2018

Work Related

On her first day Momma spent the majority of her time in Human Resources.  She had to fill out paperwork, watch movies, and take quizzes.  She passed them all and got this gift.  Look at all dem stars!

Then she was sent down town to the water distribution HQ and got to see her new office and meet the staff.  This is momma's CB Radio, the biggest part of her job, she communicates with the crews with this device.  She shadowed the night dispatcher for a little while before coming home.

Tuesday through Friday was spent learning the ins/outs of the water distribution office, taking calls, learning protocol, and making her first calls out on the CB to the crews.  10-4!  She reports its a wonderful job and working with Ms Peg has been a joy!  She did a tiny bit of redecorating and added our pictures to her desk.

We made her a special card.  On the left is Poppy's paw print and on the right is mine.  She is still looking for the perfect frame to compliment such beautiful artwork before it can go on her desk.

Momma said one perk that has been special to her was getting to see the sun rise and set every single day this week.  She has 2 giant windows in her office with a great view of each mornings sunrises.  This sunset was the only one she was able to capture on film but each were magnificent.

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Sounds like the new job is going well. She will be able to get through the long days with pictures of you!

  2. That's a very impawtant job! We're glad your momma is there to help everyone in Wichita Falls!