Monday, December 10, 2018

The Weather Hoomans Predicted 2-4 Inches of SNOW...

...Here's what we actually got!  Time to don my hoodie and hit back yard.  Somethings not right here.

Ah much better!

It made a lovely swirly design on the welcome mat.

Ahh nice crisp cool air feels so good to me!

Observing the snow fall.

Doesn't it just look lovely?!?!?!

Just checking things out.  Sampling the snow.  Texas snow tastes awesome!

My first snow prints of the Winter season.

*Cue the adorable montage music*

My tosies are chilly....Time to head inside and....

....Do some couch ballet!

While my toesies warmed up Momma dragged Poppy out to get her snow print pics.  Seems there was a struggle.

AWW!  Good work sis-fur.  That ones adorable!

Momma swapped us out and I did a matching snow print on the brick.

Then I added one by Poppy's so we could have sisfur snow prints. 

For my cooperation momma let me go off leash to run in the snow out front.  YIPEE!

On the way inside I had to go see the decor on the upstairs neighbors doors. 

On my final "snow outing" the snow had really come down and filled in my old tracks and covered the grass completely. 

Time to make more.

Look how deep the snow is now.  It was up to the top of my paws.

*Cue the montage music again*

There was one incident in the snow.

Out front the steps were a bit slippery and I might have slipped and skidded across the front lawn.  But theres no photographic proof so its just a theory. 

Last but not least some snowy scenery pictures. 

For my final potty break before bed the official measurement was snow as high as a poodles bracelets.  It was super fun and by the next morning it was melting away so we could get on with life again.  Thats the beauty of Texas.  The snow comes but is gone just as fast as it arrived.

Snowy Smooches,

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  1. Oh wow, you're sure having lots of fun! I haven't EVER seen snow before, so I'm hoping we'll get some this year!