Sunday, December 9, 2018

First Time Meeting Santa Paws! #petsmartparties

Momma said neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop us!  I need my full body fleece snow suit! Have you seen the current temperature?

We have arrived at Petsmart.

I promised momma I will TRY and not karate kick Santa.  But if he looks spicious I can't help its an natural reaction.  Let's see how this goes. Got my new dress on and my hairs all combed.

As we headed up front Santa came over to say hello.   Whew! Santa is a kind gentle soul.  He took things furry slow and let me sniff his hand before got started with the photos.

Which way am I supposed to be looking?

For the grand finale of this post here is my official 1st photo wif Santa Paws.

Back in the car its nap time.



  1. You look beautiful for Santa, Poppy! I have never met the Big Guy.

  2. Oh wow, what a grreat picture! Momma thought about taking me to meet Santa, but I still am very skittish when I meet new people. She's hoping to get me used to it enough to be okay next year. She told me he'll still bring me presents even if I DIDN'T go say hi in person, which I think is very nice of him.

  3. Such a lovely little girl and a lovely picture! Poppy, you look like Elsa from Frozen in your dress - furry regal indeed!!