Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

We awoke furry early to see if Santa Paws liked his snackie.  Oh my all the cookies were eaten and the milk was gone.  He must have enjoyed.

OH MY DOG!!!!  Look at all the gifts he left for us!

Clothes...those must be for Poppy.

Let me see Lucy!

Look at all the pink!!!!!  Its a dream come true!

Thank you Santa for the wonderful gifts!!!

Yes Santa THANK YOU!  I am mesmerized by that flamingo!

Lets check things out here. Pet stairs to help us get on the bed easier...

...A new ball...

...A squeaky flamingo.

Lucy did you see the flamingo has rope legs!

oh oh Lucy did you see the true chews?

This bed looks awful comfy.  I bet it would be a perfect fit in the cart for shopping trips.  :)

After gifts we dug right into our Dently Chews.

We would like to with all of our readers, friends and family a Merry Christmas.  Tune in tomorrow for our first annual Christmas BITEY FACE and toy play session!

Lucy & Poppy