Sunday, December 16, 2018

Trying Out Iverheart Max Chewables

EEK how is it heartworm prevention time again? 

This month I am trying out the new medication Dr Wurster prescribed.  Its Iverheart Max chewables. 

Sniff test quickly turned taste test.  It was super nummy.  I ate it in two bites.  No joke.


Then I chewed the packaging.  (Under pawrent supervision of course)

Little nibble here and there and I was satisfied.

I ate a hearty breakfast just prior to my pill so after I took a nice long nap.  I'll be back to paw a pupdate. 

Pupdate: (12 Hour Later) No allergic reaction.  No tossing of Milk Bones.  I am feel super duper!  Momma and I are both relieved.



  1. This is great news, Poppy. It sounds like you and the Iverheart Max chewables are compatible!

  2. Grreat! That's what I use too, though I just swallow mine in one big gulp with cheese!