Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Being Naughty While Doggy Nanny was Sick

 Recently Doggy Nanny hadn't been feeling well.  One morning she felt funny and her blood pressure was low and her heart rate was slow.  Grandpa called the rescue wagon at 1130 to come pick her up and take her to the hospital.  She received a full work up and had two dogtors check her out.  They got her stable and changed her medications around to help her heart.  Thankfully now ( a few days later) she has been released from the hospital and feels much better.  So now I can recount the fun...erm....naughty behavior that occured while everyone was at the hospital and we doggies were home alone!

While at the hospital Grandpa worried that he left a bag of cheetos open in his recliner and that we would have binged on them and made our selves sick.

To their surprise the cheetos were untouched.

The tissue box however had been demolished and I made tissues rain down all over the living room.

As they walked around my tissue explosion they noticed something was missing....

Upon closer inspection it was the feathered birdie decor Doggy Nanny had on the coffee table.

As they entered the den, they found evidence of a struggle.  Yep blue feathers were everywhere.

And a random water bottle.

Then the final remnants of the poor bird.  But the birds body was no where to be found.

As momma went to pack a bag for Doggy Nanny, she made a gruesome discovery in her bed.

The poor bottomless bird.

And a tooth marked gummy vitamin.  It was furry gross so I spit it out on the quilt.

Momma and Grandpa began the clean up and hid the remaining boxes of tissues.

But I have an excellent sniffer and found them right away.

Of course I tried to play innocent.

Tried to deny my involvement.

But momma knew better and had a long sit down talk with me.  And said the Naughty or Nice countdown already began for 2018.  I was shocked.  I thought I had a free week before the new year where stuff didn't count.

I gotta go lie down!

RIP feathered bird and SORRY Doggy Nanny.  We will find you a pretty new birdie soon to add to your collection.

UPDATE: I found this on facebook.  Just pretend its me on the left and Gracie on the right.

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  1. We're sorry to hear about Doggy Nanny needing to go to the hospital. Our paws are crossed that she feels much better soon. You pups sure had a fun time while the peeps were away.

  2. You had to comfort yourself with all the stress of a sick Doggy Nanny! Glad she is feeling better.

  3. I can't believe ya left da cheetos alone!

  4. It's SO not fair that Santa is ALWAYS watching, even when it's not anywhere near Christmas! We're glad to hear your nanny is feeling better.