Saturday, December 30, 2017

Meeting da Neighbor Doggies

 Doggy Nanny's been unpacking more.  She got all the patio furniture out on the porch. 

After inspection of the items it was time for Bitey!!!!!

Then all of a sudden we heard a ruckus from the fence.

So I went to investigate.

Its a doggie! No wait....

...two doggies.  I shall name them the barking  boxers.   BB1 and BB2 for short.

We had a good chat.

They told us about the doves and squirrels!

And the mail person.  Here they come house to house?  Really.  You don't have a community mail box?

Then something bad happened.  I got to runnin and my leggie started hurtin.  I came limping and crying for momma to hold me.  Drat!  Im only 1 and falling apart.

Momma thinks it has to do wif my knees ( I do this cute skipping thing when I run fast or when its cold) and she made a sticky note to ask the dogtor about it when vaccination time comes.  So I got benched from playin wif bb1 and bb2.



  1. My momma says my predecessor Whitley had da same knee issue - it are called a luxating patella. It never really caused Whitley any problems.

  2. Hope the BB's are nice
    Hazel & Mabel