Thursday, December 7, 2017

#Catchup 700 Mile Road Trip Day 2

Ahh!  Conway AR had the best beds ever.  I awoke refreshed and ready to take on the day!

A bonus of my hoodie is that I can help momma carry the hotel key card.  

Apparently Conway AR doesn't wake up on Sundays till like way late so at 6 am we drove all over the town looking for breakfast and found nothing open.  So momma got a slim jim and I had a bit of kibbles.


Alright folks everyone ready to caravan again?

Our first stop after a while on the road was a gas station.  I saw a huge semi with logs on it.  It sure made me miss my toppled tree back in KY!

After the gas station I had a bit of trail mix (Milk bones and bil jac treats) then got comfy with a CET Chew.

 Arkansas had some of the most beautiful scenery we had ever seen.  Hills and valleys, trees that went on for miles and stunning houses atop the hill sides.

I believe this was called "Look out Point".  But we couldn't get a picture of the sign.  It was a small little exit for picture taking.

WOW!  Are we in the enchanted forest?

Just look at the view!

I could sit here for days.  I bet they have tons of squirrels!


My official pee picture in AR....a tad blurry but you get the point.

How nice is it that AR has special pet walk areas.  Perfect for a traveling poodle!

Then I found my Gracie!

I showed her the pet walk area.


Alright peeps single file vehicles please.  Gracie you march on first, Ill be right behind you and Doggy Nanny!

After 200 hours of napping and chewing we made it to Oklahoma.

Their rest had tee-pee pick-nick tables.

Way cool milk bones!

Pee-mail left here.

Its Aunt Kia.

Ooh, what do you see?

I can see for miles from up here!

So many things to sniff and see!

Oh boy a watering station.  OK peeps have thought of everything!

Gracie and I just checking out the view while the peeps did their business.

A shot of the full caravan.  Doggy Nanny, us, Aunt Lynette and in back with the golf cart is Grandpa.

So it seems in OK there are TROLL Bridges!

They must be very picky trolls because you must pay attention and pick the lane depending on payment method.  I didn't see a milk bone line.  They must not like milk bones. :(

But apparently green papers are acceptable.  Oklahoma Trolls, milk bones taste way betters than green papers.

After visiting the trolls it began getting dark the last few hours we really kept focus minimal stops and I demanded to be held.  So momma grabbed a pillow from the back, balanced it between the console and the cup holder and thats where I rode.  It was hard on day two and I needed some holding time.  It felt good to be held.  Momma said she didn't mind at all.  

Then after a could hundred more hours we arrived in Wichita Falls.  It was quite dark so no pics of arriving but momma did get one pic of me jumping  into the pillows.  Oh I just felt overwhelming joy being at the hotel in TX!!!!!



  1. You sure had a big journey and discovered lots of stuffs!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley