Thursday, December 14, 2017

#CatchUp - Unpacking with Puppies

After we unpacked the boxes that we brought in the car, life was getting easier.  We were enjoying the new apartment, exploring the city, and having fun.

November 7th 9 days after our arrival in the city the BIG United truck showed up. 

Um, momma this could take a while!

First things first trick gear unboxed.  Let me get this one in my stroller.

Ill get this put away.

Eeek!  I can't even see out da window for squirrels!

Oh my is that a microwave in your office chair?

*Chomp* *NOM*

First I got this stick out of mommas way so she could continue opening boxes.

As we were putting away momma clothes, now that the box of hangers arrived, I found my long lost toy!

Oh its so fluffy and chew-able!

Oh no got an itch!

Look what I have momma.

Its my lizard!!!!

Can we play wif it?

Ill put it here and you make it run.

Ill get her!!!!!!


Oh my what is that smell?  *SNIFF* Smells of Kentucky!

As momma got more boxes unpacked I was finally able to get back to squirrel patrol.  There is an unnerving amount of those tree rats here!

Looking better!

OH MY DOG OH MY DOG OH MY DOG Look what I found its my little tykes table!!!!!  Now this place is OFFICIALLY home!

Oh my helping momma fold these sheets....

...was exhausting.

Goodness me!  Are they all gonna fit?

Eeek I disappeared!

oops seems momma spotted I didn't get too far with my unpacking. 

I better start helping more or she might get rid of my stuff.  Ok We have "going out" clothes, "warm" sweaters, and in here we can put photo props. 

After while we had to make a run to the store.  For some unmentionables! 

And yet here we are not only mentioning them but photographing them.  Oh momma this is so embarrassing.

Yep she bought me the mega pack of poop-bags.   She even found a handy basket to hold them.

Back in KY we lived in the country so "picking up" was not a big thing for us if we were at home. However if in public we always picked up.  Now that we live at the "H" we have to keep our area clean.  We came here with a few rolls  (that were previously stored in the diaper bag for outings back in KY) but those were quickly running out.  I think I am well stocked now. 

With a few more days and lots of hustle, momma and I got every box unpacked, broken down and trashed.  This was the final box unpacked and we could not be happier to say goodbye!!!!!

There is a place for everything and everythings in its place.  We can rest now.



  1. It looks to us that you are the one doing all the work here!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. You are a super good helper Lucy!
    hazel & Mabel