Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#CatchUp Exploring Gracies House and Neighboorhood

 Here is my first ride in Texas photo!  Super happy face!

Down the road from Gracies house we found a HUGE empty field to play in.

Blue skies, green trees and open an open field....

Perfect for runnin....




.....and sight seein!

It got quite warm so we headed back to Gracies to cool off.

OOh treasures!

What else could be up here???

Doggy Nanny was excited to show us the Doggy Door....Gracie was not excited to try it out.

I on the other paw was super excited.  The ramp had lotsa smells!

For now she will just use the ramp as a booster seat so she can see out further.

And would you look at the view we have. 

Simply amazing!

I could sit here all day and watch the doves and tree rats.

Oh my fancy footwork you have going on there Aunt Gracie!


She ran for safety on the ramp...but I wouldn't give up!

Eventually the warm air was too much and I crashed.  *Sploot*

We went inside for a drink and snack.

After getting cooled off we went back out for another ride to make up for the ones missed.  I just can't get over how blue the sky was and the clouds pained a pretty design for us!

 And would you look at this.  A tree stump. 

Its no toppled tree but it is poodle sized!

Ahhh!  I feel right at home up here.  Time for a photo shoot.

Serious model pose.

Sweet Happy Face Pose.

Hungry pose.

Squinty eye because the sun is so bright pose. ;)



  1. Looks like you are gonna have great places to run and play and explore!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. HOLY COW PATTIES! How FABulous!!!! I would looooves to run in that field! You are gonna have tons of funs with your Auntie Gracie!
    Ruby ♥