Monday, December 4, 2017

#Catchup - Life in the Hotel - Super 8

10-24-17 So as the move grew closer we booked rooms at the Super 8.  We had to spend a few nights in the hotel so that the movers could come gather all of our belongings and then have a time to clean Doggy Nannys house.

First I got the obligatory photos out of the way.  And I might add I do love the photo above the bed.

I think I could get used to this KING sized bed and ice cold air conditionier.  Back at our trailer we only had window units and they didn't produce enough cold air to keep us cool.

After I put away that pesky leash and harness....

...I was spooked by the fridge reflection puppy.

Momma let me look inside to make sure there was nothing scary inside.

I evenly distributed toys to make it feel homey.

And since momma packed my real dishes I had to use my collapsible travel dishes. And the one with the clip wasn't meant for standing on its own so it had to lean on the food dish in order not to tip over.

After toy distribution, a pee break and a quick snack I hopped up on the bed and did "paws up" on the back of the office chair to assist momma in getting my blog in order.  We got quite a bit of work done.

The second day in the hotel we got a cold snap.  And well momma thought it was "fall" and that I wouldnt need any sweaters so she packed them all up.  We had to dig for 87 million hours in the back of the car to find the sweater box.

Ahhh!  That feels better!

SLUMBER PAWTY!  One night Doggy Nanny and grandpa wanted to go to a sit down restaurant that didn't allow dogs (strange huh?!?!).  Well it worked in my favor as I got to have Aunt Gracie at my room for a lil while.

We played so hard I could barely keep my wee little eyes open.

I eventually crashed with my duckie.

When the evening of the 27th arrived we started packing up.

EEK will all this fit back in the SUV momma???


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  1. Aren't hotels the funnest?!?!?! We can't wait to see your new digs!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty