Monday, December 11, 2017

#CatchUp Getting My First City Dog License

November 6th, 2017.  Momma had my paperwork in order and we went to the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center to get my License.  The person that helped us was furry nice!  We gave her my Rabies Certificate, she processed it in her computer system and just like that I am legal to move about in the city!!!!  That was easy!  The fee for spayed/neutered dogs with a 1 year rabies vaccine is just $7.

We got all the paperwork tucked away in my zippered folder and momma waited patiently for her to retrieve the tag.  Oh boy!  Its so cute!!!!! She put it on my collar right away!

I like it!!!!

Here is a close up.  Mommas obsessed wif it.

Later that afternoon after Doggy Nanny got settled we got Gracies paperwork and took it in so we could get her a license too.

As we left and were going to get on the HWY momma stopped off to take a picture.  Yea we ain't in KY no more.  In KY we had a hwy but it was a simple 2 lane Interstate.  WF has a 4 lane interstate and something called a flyover.  Momma seems to like it though, we drive up it and we are up higher than the fast food signs.  I am just glad I don't drive on it.  I'll stick to my golf cart on the back roads thank you very much!


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  1. Oh I say, go have FUNS Lucy, you've got your own passport there...make the most of it and enjoy visiting evfurrywhere!
    Loves and lciky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx